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ARIA defines semantics that can be applied to elements, with these divided into roles (defining a type of user interface element) and states and properties that are supported by a role. Authors must assign an ARIA role and the appropriate states and properties to an element during its life-cycle, unless the element already has appropriate ARIA semantics (via use of an appropriate HTML element) ARIA: figure role. The ARIA figure role can be used to identify a figure inside page content where appropriate semantics do not already exist. A figure is generally considered to be one or more images, code snippets, or other content that puts across information in a different way to a regular flow of text The img ARIA role. The ARIA img role helps you encompass multiple elements in a page that should be considered as a single image. These elements may be images, quotes, or code snippets. The list ARIA role. The list ARIA role encompasses a list of items. It is normally used in conjunction with the listitem role

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Unlike HTML input elements, ARIA roles do not cause browsers to provide keyboard behaviors or styling. Using a role without fulfilling the promise of that role is similar to making a Place Order button that abandons an order and empties the shopping cart. One of the objectives of this guide is to define expected behaviors for each ARIA role To describe the HMTL menu to assistive technology Accessible Rich Internet Application (ARIA) markup can be added to the HTML elements used to create the menu. ARIA adds attributes to the HTML elements to communicate their roles, properties and states. The following is an example of the ARIA markup that can be added to a menu A role in accessibility terms amounts to a shorthand indicator for a particular UI pattern. ARIA provides a vocabulary of patterns we can use via the role attribute on any HTML element. When we.. if type is used to indicate the function of the image for machine processing, then the IMG MUST contain either aria-role=presentation or aria-role=image; if aria-role=presentation is used, then the use of null alt constitutes valid use; if aria-role=image is used, however, empty alt values or the lack of an alt attribute for the IMG are to be considered validation errors Use ARIA roles or attributes when the HTML isn't obviously stating the purpose of an element or group of elements. Don't take away or change the native semantic meaning of an element with ARIA roles or attributes. All interactive controls such as a button, sliding control, or drag-and-drop widget must be usable by the keyboard

Abstract roles are the foundation upon which all other WAI-ARIA roles are built. Content authors MUST NOT use abstract roles because they are not implemented in the API binding. User agents MUST NOT map abstract roles to the standard role mechanism of the accessibility API. Abstract roles are provided to help with the following ARIA roles can be classified into 4 types; Abstract Roles: According to W3C official documentation, these are roles used by the browser. They are the foundation upon which all other WAI-ARIA roles are built. Content authors must not use abstract roles because they are not implemented in the API binding ARIA stands for 'Accessible Rich Internet Applications' and can help make your website more accessible to people with disabilities such as hearing or visual impairment. Let's see how we, as.. Adding an ARIA role will not make an element look or act differently for people not using assistive technology. It does not change the behaviours, states and properties of the host element but only the native role semantics. For example, this code in the HTML tree: <button role=heading aria-level=1 >text</button>

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The ARIA 1.0 specification describes a combobox pattern where a text input element has the combobox role and owns a listbox element. User agents, assistive technologies, and conformance checkers SHOULD continue to support the ARIA 1.0 pattern so that existing implementations of the ARIA 1.0 pattern remain functional ARIA roles are added to elements using the role=<ROLE_TYPE> attribute, where ROLE_TYPE represents the specific role being added. Once an ARIA role is set on an element, it should not be changed, regardless of the state of the element. In some cases, roles have to be paired with the appropriate ARIA state or property. However, this article's. Description. The rules for this role-playing system are contained in a 500-page softcover book designed by Christian Scott Moore and Owen Seyler and edited by Kirsten Kaschock, with cover art by Michael William Kaluta. Aria is based on the concept of the 'monomyth', the theory that one fundamental story is at the core of most myths, legends and fairy tales ARIA (WAI-ARIA if you want to be formal) is a set of attributes that you can add to HTML elements.These attributes communicate role, state and property semantics to assistive technologies via the accessibility APIs implemented in browsers. The W3C HTML specification provides information about which ARIA attributes are allowed to be used on each HTML element in section 3.2.7 WAI-ARIA WAI-ARIA Role values can not be repeated, but HTML5 elements can (you can have several header or footer elements in a single page), so it is easier to make sure you are targeting your actual document header, instead of affecting every possible header element that may in the future be put on your document

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  1. Intended accessible technology behavior by a developer is not enabled when an assigned WAI-ARIA role value is invalid for the parent element. When screen readers and other assistive technologies do not know the role of each element on the web page, they are not able to interact with it intelligently, nor are they able to communicate the role to the user
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  3. The ARIA spec describes a taxonomy of possible values for the role attribute and associated ARIA attributes that may be used in conjunction with those roles. This is the best source of definitive information about how the ARIA roles and attributes work together and how they can be used in a way that is supported by browsers and assistive technologies
  4. Selecting the correct ARIA Role for elements can be difficult if you don't understand how they are categorized. In this video, Youri Wims teaches you about t..
  5. ARIA roles are more restricted in where they can be used than EPUB's structural semantics. Although there are a number of elements that accept any role, care needs to be taken to ensure that roles are only used where they will make sense to users of assistive technologies
  6. In dealing with role=presentation and aria-hidden=true you may find that they both have deceptively similar functions when it relates to how they interact with assistive technology (screen readers). Before we dig into the difference between these two attributes we first need to learn a little bit about how accessibility in a Web browser works and this thing called: The Accessibility Tre
  7. Required ARIA children role not present: group label must be associated to all the list items in the list under them. Expected Result: Ensures elements with an ARIA role that require child roles contain them. This image for a list in use today but the same failure should apply with the out of box experience

With links to the role itself and the scenes in which the role plays, the opera and the composer. New: Save your favorite arias, videos and singers! Tell me more - Check it later - Not interested. Opera Arias Home > Opera Roles Opera Roles Search through Opera Roles. Soprano Mezzo-soprano. The great Maria Callas performs an aria from her signature role, Bellini's druid priestess Norma, with the Orchestre de l'Opera National de Paris and Georges.. The role attribute in HTML can have multiple space separated values :. ARIA Role Attribute. Every HTML element may have an ARIA role attribute specified. This is an ARIA Role attribute as defined by ARIA Section 5.4 Definition of Roles.. The attribute, if specified, must have a value that is a set of space-separated tokens representing the various WAI-ARIA roles that the element.

However, user agents MUST ignore any non-global, role-specific WAI-ARIA states and properties, unless it is on an inherited presentational role where an explicit role is applied. Example 5 For example, aria-haspopup is a global attribute and would always be applied; aria-level is not a global attribute and would therefore only apply if the element was not in a presentational state ARIA Roles, States & Properties. ARIA (Assistive Rich Internet Applications), is a spec from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that was created to improve accessibility of web pages and applications by providing extra information to screen readers via HTML attributes Microsoft Edge recognizes the ARIA role, state, and property information and exposes it to assistive technologies, which in turn can use the Microsoft UI Automation APIs to retrieve the information. Visit HTML5Accessibility for information on which new HTML5 features are accessibly supported by Microsoft Edge Roles. Roles define what an element is or does. Most HTML elements have a default role that is presented to assistive technology. For example, <button> has a default role of button and <form> has a default role of form. ARIA can define roles that are not available in HTML, and can also override the default roles of HTML elements (see Rule #2 above) ARIA tabs consist of a role=tablist element, which has some some role=tab elements. These tabs are then linked to role=tabpanel elements that contain the corresponding content for each tab. Our JavaScript handles the visual toggling of tabpanel elements via CSS as well as programmatically with aria-hidden=true when a user interacts with the tabs

ARIA Menus. ARIA has a few roles that define and describe menus. The definitions that follow come from ARIA 1.1. menu (role) A menu is often a list of common actions or functions that the user can invoke. The menu role is appropriate when a list of menu items is presented in a manner similar to a menu on a desktop application. menubar (role It would appear that either aria-hidden=true or role=presentation should be able to help out here. Defining aria-hidden. The W3C WAI-ARIA 1.0 Candidate Recommendation provides the following normative information: aria-hidden: Indicates that the element and all of its descendants are not visible or perceivable. aria-checked should only be used with option, menuitemradio, radio, treeitem, checkbox, and menuitemcheckbox roles. option and treeitem roles may be selected and checked because it's possible to have a list or tree of items that have checkboxes by them and that allow for multiple selection JAWS NVDA VoiceOver Talkback; aria-labelledby and aria-label: Ok on td, th. Ignored on all other static content except those listed above. h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 are overridden. So are elements with role=heading.. landmark roles OK.. Ignored on all other static content except those listed above. h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 are overridden. So are elements with role=heading.User can interact with.

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WAI-ARIA: Role=Img. A container for a collection of elements that form an image. Description. A container for a collection of elements that form an image. An img can contain captions and descriptive text, as well as multiple image files that when viewed together give the impression of a single image Check that all custom controls have an appropriate role and any required ARIA attributes that confer their properties and state. For example, a custom checkbox needs a role=checkbox and aria-checked=true|false to properly convey its state. See the Introduction to ARIA for a general overview of how ARIA can provide missing semantics for custom controls Browse through all opera roles for contralto, divided by language. With links to the role itself and the scenes in which the role plays, the opera and the composer. New : Save your favorite arias, videos and singers

If aria-readonly is set on an element with role grid, user agents MUST propagate the value to all gridcell elements owned by the grid and expose the value in the accessibility API. An author MAY override the propagated value of aria-readonly for an individual gridcell element Most of the roles you see were defined as part of ARIA 1.0, and then later incorporated into HTML via supporting specs like HTML-AAM. Some of the new HTML5 elements (dialog, main, etc.) are even based on the original ARIA roles There's a lot to know about ARIA, and we don't have all day, so today I'm going to focus on one important topic: landmark roles. Landmark roles for daily use#section3. The HTML element attribute role is the piece of the ARIA iceberg most often visible above the waterline, and the chunk of ARIA most immediately recognizable to web builders

The ARIA math role is wholly insufficient to represent the <math> element. (Cc @stevefaulkner who may disagree.) MathML defines many, many, many, sub-level elements that would also need to be mapped. It's a good goal, but complete support for Math should be out-of-scope for a point release ARIA is a new W3C specification that stands for Accessible Rich Internet Applications. Its overall purpose is more fully described on the help page ARIA for Web Applications.. One of the easiest ARIA features to implement, and one that provides significant immediate benefits to screen reader users, is landmark roles.There are eight of these roles, each representing a block of content.

According to HTML5 Doctor they are equivalent. <main> just makes it easier and neater to implement role=main. The primary purpose of is to map ARIA's landmark role main to an element in HTML. Here is a general description of the <main> element.. The main element represents the main content of the body of a document or application. The main content area consists of content that is directly. Last year, in HTML5, ARIA Roles, and Screen Readers in March 2010, I took a look at how then current screen readers behaved with some of the HTML5 section elements and related WAI-ARIA document and landmark roles.Now that the major screen readers have all seen some significant updates, and both Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 have officially been released, I figure it's time to perform the. L'édition papier de la campagne d'Aria de Game of Rôles a été financée avec succès sur Ulule pendant une campagne qui a eu lieu du 2 février 2020 au 13 mars 2020 et a réuni 356 231€. Si vous avez raté la campagne de financement participatif, vous pourrez commander l'ouvrage sur la boutique du site Elder-Craft

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这些都是HTML5针对html tag增加的属性:aria的意思是Accessible Rich Internet Application。 Accessible一般是为不方便的人士提供的功能,比如屏幕阅读器。role的作用是描述一个非标准的tag的实际作用。比如用div做button,那么设置div 的 role=button,辅助工具就可以认出这实际上是个button WAI-ARIA allows web pages (or portions of pages) to declare themselves as applications rather than as static documents, by adding role, property, and state information to dynamic web applications. ARIA is intended for use by developers of web applications, web browsers, assistive technologies, and accessibility evaluation tools Note: Elements with the role log have an implicit aria-live value of polite. marquee. A type of live region where non-essential information changes frequently. See related log. Note: Elements with the role marquee maintain the default aria-live value of off. menuitem. An option in a group of choices contained by a menu or menubar. menuitemcheckbo Notes: Although the code is short and simple, it is fully accessible. This example uses: aria-selected to show what tab is selected; aria-controls to show the relationship between tabs and tab panel In the discussion on ARIA, we discussed 5 steps to making complex things accessible with ARIA. Alert users to what each elements is: Their role (such as checkbox). Alert users to their properties and important relationships (such as disabled, required,and other labels). Alert users to what each element is doing: The state (such as checked)

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  1. Sometimes after dabbling in gateway ARIA semantics like aria-current, landmark roles, and link-button hybrids, a budding accessibility practitioner might find themselves experimenting with more serious roles like menu, listbox, or even treegrid.These are tantalizing, powerful patterns that allow you to create experiences that are not supported by only vanilla HTML
  2. role=annotation-attribution aria-details=[id] (if attribution is visible in content) Authoring information for the annotated content: Does not currently exist in Web Annotation Data Model: role=annotation-revision aria-details=[id] Must also have <ins>, <del> child or both . This is a historical change that has already been accepted
  3. Introduction WAI-ARIA 1.0 is a set of roles, states, and properties, which can be applied to markup to provide rich semantics, increasing accessibility and interoperability. Although WAI-ARIA properties were not valid in xhtml 1.0, they are valid in HTML5, and can therefore be applied in the markup of Drupal 8. By using the role attribute with an HTML element, authors can provide more.
  4. aria.row = role =row intermixed with an optional aria-level element, intermixed with an optional aria-selected element, intermixed with an optional aria-activedescendant element, intermixed with an optional aria-expanded elemen
  5. # aria-component # 无障碍访问. 为了更好地满足视障人士对于小程序的访问需求,基础库自2.7.1起,支持部分ARIA标签。 无障碍特性在读屏模式下可以访问,iOS可通过设置->通用->辅助功能->旁白打开。 以 view 组件为例,开发者可以增加aria-role和aria-label属性
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This video from Nomensa demonstrates how ARIA landmark roles help screen reader users understand the purpose of different areas of a web page, such as search.. WAI-ARIA Role HTML5 roletype Various (this is like an abstract superclass) widget Various (this is a superclass, too) input input, textarea, select: textbox input type='text', textarea: select select: range input type='range' section section and implicit sections induced by headings and the outline algorithm sectionhea aria-role. Elements with ARIA roles must use a valid, non-abstract ARIA role. A reference to role definitions can be found at WAI-ARIA site.. Rule details. This rule takes one optional object argument of type object Lighthouse uses the role definitions from the WAI-ARIA specification to check for mismatches between ARIA roles and attributes. Each role has a set of states and properties (that is, attributes) that it can support or inherit. A page fails this audit when it contains an element with an ARIA role and an ARIA attribute that isn't supported for. HTML elements with default WAI-ARIA role semantics MUST be mapped to platform accessibility APIs according to those WAI-ARIA roles' mappings as defined in the [[core-aam-1.2]] specification. A '?' in a cell indicates the data has yet to be provided. Not mapped (Not Applicable) means the element does not need to be exposed via an accessibility.

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Stephan Max offers an introduction to using WAI-ARIA roles and properties in your HTML to make your pages and apps more accessible to assistive technology Layout Tables that are No Longer Read as Data Tables Due to ARIA Role. Ideally, according to coding recommendations, tables without any table markup (th, scope, headers, caption, summary) would not be announced by screen readers This is an ARIA Role attribute as defined by ARIA Section 5.4 Definition of Roles. The attribute, if specified, must have a value that is a set of space-separated tokens representing the various WAI-ARIA roles that the element belongs to. The WAI-ARIA role that an HTML element has assigned to it is the first non-abstract role found in the list of values generated when the role attribute is split on spaces How does a singer find appropriate operatic music? The answer is both simple and complicated. The simple answer is to find arias and roles that are similar to those that are already comfortable to sing. The complicated answer is to sort through the vast number of composers, operas, roles, and arias, to find the ones that are suitable. The singer needs to be able to go beyond popular operatic. WAI-ARIA roles, states, and properties are available in a number of machine-readable formats to support validation of content using WAI-ARIA attributes. WAI-ARIA is not finalized, however, so these files are subject to change without notice. It is not appropriate to use these document types for live content

Browse through all opera roles for countertenor, divided by language. With links to the role itself and the scenes in which the role plays, the opera and the composer. New: Save your favorite arias, videos and singers! Tell me more - Check it later - Not interested. Opera Arias Home > Opera Roles > Countertenor Opera Roles for. The area rule says that two airplanes with the same longitudinal cross-sectional area distribution have the same wave drag, independent of how the area is distributed laterally (i.e. in the fuselage or in the wing). Furthermore, to avoid the formation of strong shock waves, this total area distribution must be smooth The area postrema, a paired structure in the medulla oblongata of the brainstem, is a circumventricular organ having permeable capillaries and sensory neurons that enable its dual role to detect circulating chemical messengers in the blood and transduce them into neural signals and networks. Its position adjacent to the bilateral nuclei of the solitary tract and role as a sensory transducer. Search this website. WAI-ARIA: Role=Img. A container for a collection of elements that form an image. Description. A container for a collection of elements that form an image. An img can contain captions and descriptive text, as well as multiple image files that when viewed together give the impression of a single image The ARIA implementation role mapping table states the ARIA role=group maps to ROLE_SYSTEM_GROUPING in MSAA and Iaccessible2. create a test file Open the file in Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 29, Chrome 35 on Windows 8.1 and check the role exposed for fieldset matches the role stated in the mapping guide by using an object inspection tool such as aViewer inspect.exe or a11y-probe

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The roles have been wrapped using additional - (dash) characters. This is so that the table looks good and the content is not hidden. all ARIA roles have zero dashes in them. Please refer to the ARIA roles spe pages Guide to Operatic Roles and Arias 1994 Daily Reading Comprehension, Grade 8: E-book , Evan-Moor This book looks at 100 items that have profoundly shaped how people watched, studied and engaged with the avian world. Each item contains around 500 words on a double-page. Thi Retrouvez Aria, le jeu de la série Game of Rôles imaginée par FibreTigre ! Aria est un jeu de rôle se situant dans un univers fantasy qui a tout pour séduire un large public. Pour les débutants , c'est un ouvrage particulièrement pédagogique et initiatique, avec des règles simples et idéales pour s'initier à la pratique du JdR ARIA: ARIA (such as aria-owns) can be used provide the relationships when the hierarchy is not the same as the code structure or DOM tree. Rule Description Some ARIA parent role values applied to elements must contain specific child elements and role values to perform intended accessibility function Opera seria acquired definitive form early during the 1720s. While Apostolo Zeno and Alessandro Scarlatti had paved the way, the genre only truly came to fruition due to Metastasio and later composers. Metastasio's career began with the serenata Gli orti esperidi (The Gardens of the Hesperides). Nicola Porpora, (much later to be Haydn's master), set the work to music, and the success was so.

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However, with ARIA landmarks we can provide semantic information about the navigation area. By adding the attribute role=navigation to the containing <div>, we are marking this as a navigation region. <div id=nav role=navigation> <ul> <li>Home</li> <li>Products</li> <li>Support</li> </ul> </div> Broca's area, or the Broca area (/ ˈ b r oʊ k ə /, also UK: / ˈ b r ɒ k ə /, US: / ˈ b r oʊ k ɑː /), is a region in the frontal lobe of the dominant hemisphere, usually the left, of the brain with functions linked to speech production.. Language processing has been linked to Broca's area since Pierre Paul Broca reported impairments in two patients. They had lost the ability to speak.

Translation into English by Guia Monti (added 1997-06-20) Caro nome, Gilda's aria from Rigoletto Gualtier Maldè...nome di lui sì amato Gualtier Maldè...name of my beloved, scolpisciti nel core innamorato! brand this loving heart! Caro nome che il mio cor Sweet name, you who made my heart festi primo palpitar, throb for the first time, le delizie dell' amor you must always remind me mi dêi. Time is running out! Buy by Feb 3rd to save $50 on your DrupalCon ticket. Gain access to industry summits, keynote presentations, hands-on workshops, and breakout discussion groups

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  1. Gianni Schicchi (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdʒanni ˈskikki]) is a comic opera in one act by Giacomo Puccini to an Italian libretto by Giovacchino Forzano, composed in 1917-18.The libretto is based on an incident mentioned in Dante's Divine Comedy.The work is the third and final part of Puccini's Il trittico (The Triptych)—three one-act operas with contrasting themes, originally written to.
  2. Unlike role presentation, which marks only one particular element as uninteresting for accessibility, aria-hidden does the same for an element and all its child elements. tagged with: #Aria-hidde
  3. On the Aria Database, you can search by aria name, opera name, composer, operatic role, language of aria, voice part of aria, range of aria, and what accompanies the aria (translations, texts, and/or MIDIs). In addition, there is a search blank that allows you to search all of the different fields
  4. Results Aria role dialog to announce a dialog (pop-up div box). The sequence runs from focusing the trigger link to refocusing the same link after closing the dialogue. Tabbing action is indicated with TAB, enter with ENTER (Mac OS X: RETURN), arrowing down with DOWN ARROW, swiping with RIGHT SWIPE, double tapping with DOUBLE TAP
  5. ARIA and PPCA today announced that after 10 years as Chief Executive Officer, Dan Rosen is leaving the company to take over the role of President of Warner Music Australasia. Rosen was appointed CEO of ARIA and PPCA in October 2010 and since that time, has advanced the business of both peak bodies of the recorded music industry in Australia

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Translation into English by Robert Glaubitz (added 1999-08-22) Ombra mai fu, Serse's aria from Serse Frondi tenere e belle Tender and beautiful fronds Del mio Platano amato, of my beloved plane tree, Per voi risplenda il Fato Let Fate smile upon you . Tuoni, Lampi, e Procelle May thunder, lightning, and storms Non vi oltraggino mai la cara pace, never bother your dear peace, Ne giunga a. Role : Claudio, the Emperor Voice Part : bass Fach : heavy bass Setting : Rome, 1st century AD Range : C#/Db4 to D5. Tessitura : D4 to D5 Synopsis : Claudio is in love with Poppea and attempts to draw her away from his two competitors, Ottone and Nerone. Sound file : none Translation and/or Aria Text : Libretto entered by Robert Glaubitz In HTML, when the ARIA role attribute on the BODY tag is set to application, JAWS will treat a Web page as though it were a traditional stand-alone application. This means that the virtual buffer JAWS typically uses to display Web pages will be turned off, and users will navigate using TAB and other such keystrokes which are normally provided in stand-alone apps to facilitate keyboard. The content area consists of one or more parts that display content from other pages. Unlike the navigation and actions area that is completely defined in the Role Center page code, the content area consists of self-contained, independent page part objects that can be used across Role Centers and in other pages Mapped switch to toggle_button role, made it react to aria-checked without the mixed part, and check for actions and events as well as roles and expected states

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  1. wai-aria. 次に紹介するのはwai-ariaです。. wai-ariaというのは、htmlドキュメントにより詳細な情報を付加するもので、特に動的なコンテンツを形成するhtmlにおいて効果を発揮します。すなわち、どちらかというとwebアプリケーションなんかで威力を発揮できるということですね
  2. The current international role of the euro. The euro's success as a stable and credible currency means that it already plays an important role beyond the borders of the EU and the euro area. The European Union's share of global gross domestic product amounts to an estimated around 17%. The share of the euro area is estimated to be around 12%
  3. I know that role=doc-subtitle exists. But subheading is more consistent with heading role element. jnurthen added this to the ARIA 1.4 milestone Jan 7, 202
  4. Provide an accessible role for each custom component. WAI-ARIA defines a large number of values for the role attribute, which are used by assistive technologies to convey the component's purpose. Give each custom control a suitable role attribute, such as role=button for custom buttons or role=slider for slider widgets
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以 view 组件为例,开发者可以增加aria-role和aria-label属性。 其中aria-role表示组件的角色,当设置为'img'时,读屏模式下聚焦后系统会朗读出'图像'。设置为'button'时,聚焦后后系统朗读出'按钮'。 aria-label表示组件附带的额外信息,聚焦后系统会自动朗读出来 The role of a Development Manager can be a very stressful one. You are the man in the middle'', being pulled in different directions by management, customers, sales, developers etc. Mojean Aria with Marilee Talkington in 'See.' Mojean Aria is in the midst of filming the biggest role of his career in a Warner Bros sci-fi thriller alongside one of his heroes in Hugh Jackman, plus Rebecca Ferguson, Thandie Newton, Cliff Curtis and Daniel Wu

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Slip into the role of a powerful assassin and conquer the world of Aura Kingdom! Play For Free! Grand Fantasia. Explore the Magical World of Saphael and overcome Evil together with friends. 12 classes, exciting PvP, challenging Dungeons, customizable Sprite companions, Mounts and more Currently, the Database holds information on the complete operatic aria collections of Mozart, Verdi, Berlioz, Wagner, and Puccini as well as the partial collections of over 50 other composers. Important Message about the Aria Database. For the foreseeable future, there will be no new operas, information, or features added to the Aria Database

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